Back Painted Glass

 Back painted glass is any form of clear glass that is painted from the back side and viewed from the front side, or glaze side. Back painted glass is widely used for agricultural  glass, colored glass back splashes, colored glass walls,  colored glass counter tops,  closet doors, partitions, shower stalls, table tops, cabinet doors, vanity tops ,artistic glass, auto glass, marine glass  and more,

Back painted glass is a modern alternative to tiles and laminates in the decorative and architectural industries.

Our High quality colored glass surfaces, resistant to humidity  for residential, commercial, retail & hospital applications available in all desired colors .

albasglass_back-painted-glass_05 albasglass_back-painted-glass_04 albasglass_back-painted-glass_03 albasglass_back-painted-glass_02 albasglass_back-painted-glass_01 Oyster back painted (1) Oyster back painted (2) Oyster back painted (3)